Memory issue?!

i am loading ~ 150 jpgs over a filetexture node into quads and show them all in one render window…

now i have two folders with exactly the same pictures except their resolution.

1.: big jpgs. i see them till picture #75 then just white quads
memory usage for vvvv: ~ 1,7GB(16 GB RAM on my machine)
video memory usage: ~ 35MB(2 GB video memory on a ati radeon)

2.: small jpgs. i see them all
memory usage for vvvv: ~ 650MB(16 GB RAM on my machine)
video memory usage: ~ 35MB(2 GB video memory on a ati radeon)

doesn’t the filetexture load all the images in the video memory(that’s what i expected!) but somehow i’m not totally sure if the video memory is the bottleneck here or causing my images not to show up in case 1.

any ideas or advises



GPU-Z shows
case1: dedicated 467 + dynamic 130MB
case2: dedicated 1566 + dynamic 96MB

still no reason to blanc out some of the images in case2!?

some pictures some times appear white?
try to re-convert to png or dds, mostly happens because of jpeg codecs and etc…

Since vvvv is a 32-bit application it can only address about 2 GB of memory by default. It is possible to extend the addressable space to up to 4GB (on 64 bit versions of windows). Have a look here.

A picture needs a certain amount of memory - should be roughly:

width * height * bit-depth / 8bit / 1024 = needed memory in mb

If the memory (ram) is used up no more textures can be created, the corresponding quad will be blank.

Create a Renderer (TTY) and see what happens during the loading process. Also have a look at Memory (Debug) and Memory (Debug ex9).


actually both did the job…
still have blank jpgs even with 1GB free memory. might be a compression issue.