Measure the distance of (2) points in 3D space

Looking for something like “Points2Vector”, but 3D.


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You could as well substract the points from one another and put the resulting vector in Normalize (3d Vector) … outputs its length as well, which is the distance between those points.

Thanks, normalize the subtracted values works nice too!

Btw, is there a way to use this with spreads, so that the distance from each point to each other point (let’s say in a cluster of 10 moving spheres) can be measured and the intersecting spheres/positions can be identified? I want to trigger midi events or positioned visuals whenever the spheres are intersecting.

Also, I’m wondering if it’s possible to generally detect collisions between meshes (spheres, planes, cubes), and returns the point of impact, similar to the ray intersect node. Thanks for any suggestion.

Check out Bullet. 3D physics made easy ;)


I’ve checked Bullet, but I didn’t found anything to measure distances between two spreads of vectors
Can someone help me?