Measure light level of video_in

I want to use a webcam and vvvv to play a sound file as soon as the light in my room is dimmed down.

how do I do this? trautner would be too inaccurate, since it would react to any change…

use pipet and hsl split … best would be you have a look at the pipet helppatch

Pipet, HSV and + (Spectral)

Hehe, you’ve been faster - some seconds

is it a girl trapping installation ? ;-)

just make sure to deactivate all automatic settings on your camera.

you might also be able to detect the difference between different lamps or determine their position by some clever calibration.


you might like this one.
only reacts on sudden changes.
no matter if day or night…

WebCam (Watchdog).v4p (16.3 kB)