Maximum spreadcount of DX9 objects

Is it a bug or a system limitation that there seems to be a max spreadsize for DX9 objects. (see attached patch)

Same thing with EX9 geometries does not have this limitation.
Unfortunatly performance using EX9 objects is much better than using the EX9 geometries !?
To get rid of this strange spreadcount limit for DX9 objects would help a lot at the moment … !?


maxDX9.v4p (16.2 kB)

helo ms,

on the DX9 nodes, note the ''Draw Slicewise" pin in Inspektor. enabling this degrades drawing performance, but doesn’t show those limits anymore.

  • Unfortunatly performance using DX9 objects is much better than using the EX9 geometries !?
    ja, because of the internal optimization when not drawing slicewise. in directx terms that is called “geometry instancing” and can also be realized with EX9, which allows you to draw quite a large amounts of geometries using effects (with some other limitations of course, as optimizations always have limitations.)

i have planned writing docs on instancing for a while already, just didn’t have the time yet…