Maximum SliceOffset


It is right that the maximum number of SliceOffset in one IOBox (value advanced) is 50?

Thank you

hehe, nope. what makes you think so?

haha, in fact I test the “Kalle’s method” which consists in using the slices to make presets, to 50 everinthing go well but then from 51 I remain blocked on the 50, or then I return to the first slices…

which is my error?


ok, after some tests it prove it is possible to go much further that 50. On the other hand now that does not function any more!
It is late, I had to miss something but nevertheless I send you the patch.

If someone can help me, your welcome


SliceOffset_test01.v4p (24.0 kB)


After having turned over the question I finally found the true problem of my patch.

I tested insulate the error without results, in fact I even succeeded in assembling one patch functional and a second (identical!) who him does not function… I acknowledge being a little disorientated, if somebody could put me on the way, I promise to learn English (perhaps)!

You find the example patch downside

in a friendly way, Pablo

SliceOffset_test02.v4p (59.3 kB)

dear pablo,

when you view the right iobox (under “doesn’t work”) with an inspektor (ctrl+i) and click the little ‘>>’ on the ‘Y Input’ pin (you can find the pin near the bottom), you can see that it only has 8 slices on that input. SliceOffset allows you to ‘scroll’ through all the input values of a spread, but if the spread only has 8 slices, it won’t do anything - because you already see all the slices there are.


And I was thinking that the “little ‘>>’ on the ‘Y Input’ pin” were purely decorative!

More seriously, I did not know this part of the Inspektor.

thank you very much diki

i thought that i wrote this somewhere in the helpfiles of that P-modules…

initialize your IOBox:
ONCE connect a spread with your desired spreadcount to the “Y Input”