Max input node

is there a node that given a fluctuating input will give me as output the max value reached by the input?

Not really a single node but a combination of Max and FrameDelay should help you out just as well and briefly.

maxValueOverTime.v4p (4.1 kB)

First I thought Bounds (Spectral) but now I figured a Max (Value) with a framedelay (animation).

edit: Grandchild beat me to it…

MaxFrame.v4p (2.1 kB)

Ok thanks
my idea is to create a “self calibrating” map module to be used with audio input when there are instruments with high dynamics. I plan to use the max value of the input in the Map node (input max) … does it make any sense to you?

Why don’t you try it out - I think it should work :)
Maybe you want to decrease your maximum again over time, then Decay (Animation) can help you to keep track of the maximum and coming down from it after time - all in one node.