Matrox splitter

he msberger…

i found this toy before but did hesitate to get it because my graphics card does not output any of these strange settings (2048x1024 etc.).
so i’m wondering what card is in ur machine ;)

erm…slightly confused, who did the post - msberger or mr.oschatz?

whoever did the post (suppose MSberger mailed oschatz) here’s the permalink for those of you who were wondering:
looks like a nice little gadget. and at 130€ street price, it can save a lot of hassle.

IF you have a look around the matrox site theres a tool to see if your card will support it or not, I’e been meaning to get one for a while but havent got around to it! Im a way for a few days so I’ll try and get one next week when im back.

markus berger posted the entry.

and our wiki has a annoying bug crediting the one who last edited the post as the author (in this case me removing some linefeeds for aesthetical reasons)…

like i expected…the tool tells me my system is incompatible. :(

the tools also tells that it will not work with my card - but it works.

I yesterday tested with a Nvidia 6600 and i think it will work with every card you can tweak to the “strange resolutions”

It really was plug and play - i did not use/install any matrox software.


well …a 6600 then…got one somewhere in a box…will have a go with it

cheers, chris