Matrox Diplay Port Edition

this thread to try to clarify what the Display Port Edition of the Matrox Triple/Dual Head supports and what not.
As far as I can see, it only accepts DP in its input, there is no converter that will work.
This one that Dottore was talking about:

is a DP to DVI adaptor and will only work on the outputs of the Matrox.

Anybody had different experience with it?


What exactly are you trying to accomplish with your setup? Why not just get the digital edition? It has 1 DVI and 1 VGA input, and 3 DVI outputs.

It looks like that DP to DVI adapter is single link. Meaning that the highest resolutions of the TripleHead won’t be supported with that.

If you have a displayPort output you can get 3x1920x1080 from the DP tripleHead, but this will only work with a straight displayPort cable.

I know from personal experience that VGA into the TripleHead Digital Edition supports a max of 3x1024x768, and HDMI (converted to DVI) only supports 3x800x600.

Dual Link DVI is needed for the max resolution of 3x 1280x1024.

I seriously doubt you will be able to convert DVI to displayport and get the displayPort resolutions. You will probably be limited to the DVI resolutions.

Hope this helps.