Matrix switcher

hello there,

i’m trying to do a simple switcher matrix; n inputs of different spread size, m of them are selected and assigned to m outputs in a certain order. is there a node for this which i’m missing?

attached is my solution for a 12x12 matrix, but as i need to go for something like 48x12 you can see that it would be lots of nodes’n’lines; seems to be too complicated…

any ideas?


matrix_vorum.v4p (36.4 kB)

I do not understand exactly what you want to do, but why do you need to split out every single output? In other words, what should be the result? (2D color matrix, DX9 objects, RS232 device or…)

You should consider your first Cons as ‘binsize’, that should make life easier, but seeeing you use intergral node, you already figured that out.

matrix_vorum2.v4p (22.7 kB)

well actually those 12 outputs go into the 12 inputs of the transform 3d node which runs into a quad, so i gotta split them at some point…but as those will stay 12 that’s fine, i’m rather worried about too many inputs, can’t tell if it’s going to be 48 or even more by now.

i thought of it like this: all of my let’s say 48 inputs are either certain values like 0,1,-1, or spreads of values like (1,0),(0,1), or (spreaded) animations like lfo, toggle, sinus. all of these inputs serve as a pool for the outputs to choose from, e.g. translateX gets assigned value 0 as well as pitch and yaw, scaleX gets assigned the lfo while scaleY gets assigned the sinus, and so on…i need to be able to change these assignments both for one of these 12 settings or for all of them (presets) by mouseclick…
another possibility would be to have 12 switch (value input) nodes connected to the inputs of the transform node, and any of my inputs connected to all of the 12 switch nodes, which doesn’t make life easier…i hope my point is clearer now, i’m sure there is a cleaner solution as it’s a rather easy task, isn’t it?


p.s.: seen your patch too late, thanks for that. it does not do the same thing yet but i’ll have a closer look at it…your output is a matrix then, still i’d need something like getSpreads for avery of my 12 outs, no?