Math question

Hi everybody,

Just a little begginer mathematical computing calcultation question :

I have a matrix which contain 500 quintic polynomial equations (5 colomn containing a,b,c,d,e,f and 500 row). I have a vector containing the 500 value of the unknown variable (x).

I can simply do a loop and calculate the results of each formula.

But how to quickly calculate this like vvvv do with spread calcultation? What is the most efficient way in term of computing calcultation ?

Thanks for your help :)

the basic trick with polynomials is that you can calculate the higher exponents from the lower:
x^0 = 1;
x^1 = x^0 * x
x^2 = x^1 * x
x^3 = x^2 * x
x^4 = x^3 * x

after that its a dot product where vector size is the order or polynomial + 1.
but the above trick is not so easy with vvvv (but it would with VL) so just using the Pow node has to do the trick. module will be in next vvvv version…

if its too slow in vvvv a quick dynamic C# plugin could improve speed…

Polynomial (Value).zip (3.2 kB)