Matching Nodes on Output Pins

Hello vvvv’s,

I was patching right now and thought it would be very usefull to me if there would be a feature that would show me all matching nodes on an output pin.

Is there a feature like that in vvvv?


+1, but just for some nodes, like the quad, in some cases the list would be very long.

hmmm okay thats true, but iam working alot with eclipse that programing IDE and there is an auto complete with long lists too, but it helps because you can scroll through the list and hopefully find what you are searching for. Otherwise you have to check the API or search in Forums if there is already a class for your reason.

So i think it would be suitable.

hm, in complex patches this feature will be quite useless because most of the pins match almost anywhere. and there is the feature that shows you MATCHING PINS while creating a link.

or do i miss the point here?

if you need such a feature, you could make heavy use of s+r nodes … hrhr