Match renderer frame

Hi vvvvolks,

I’m trying to create a kind of picture viewer using bones (see attached patch). I want the camera to rotate around the “tree” and, after each rotation, stops in front of a quad; each time, the selected quad must be well tallied and oriented in the dx9 renderer.

I guess I need to use Bone (Transform LookAtVector) with a renderer output, but can’t find the right combination…

Any idea?

Take care,

PixViewer.rar (4.2 kB)

Replying to myself. I found a clue with LookAt (Transform) but it looks at the further from camera object whereas I want it to look at the closer object… so ??? I’m studying LookAt help patch but hardly see what to do.


Oups, here is the new patch

still doesn’t work

… no text …

try the file upload

OK, one more time