Masking based on mouse movement

Hi everyone,

First of all sorry if is a duplicate question, I have searched the forum but maybe I was too dumb to search for the right thing.

I have a university project and I’m a first timer with VVVV. What I want to achieve is a kind of flashlight view.
I have an 3D object and based on the mouse movement (for now, since my laptop refuses to recognize the Kinect Xbox, the old one did, and I used the same drivers) I want to create this kind of flashlight effect where you can see just parts of the object, like when you are in a dark room and with the flashlight you see just a small circle, the rest is dark.
I use an 3D object (works fine) but I stumbled on the masking part, how to reveal just certain areas.
Another thing I did not managed to solve is that if I resize the render window the object gets distorted big time.

Thank you for any hints on how to achieve this effect.

If you use a 3D object, why not just use a point light source to reveal what you want to show?

About the distortion, perhaps the node aspect ratio can help.

Thank you for your suggestion, never thought about using this, although I use the light node.


I have tried the suggested option, but unfortunately I can still see the rest of the object, much darker but it is there, you can see it.
Regarding aspect ratio, I have one of those nodes but somehow when I resize the renderer is still distorted.

Thank you again and if anyone has some other ideas I would appreciate

+1 Westbam with the AspectRatio node. Pull it up in vvvv and press F1 to see the helppatch.

Another solution for ‘highlighting’ a certain part of your screen could be to create a png file with a hole on a otherwise black background. Put the image as a texture on top of a quad and cover the whole screen. This way you can only see the 3D scene through the hole in your texture. You can then create different textures (semi-transparent, gradients, etc) to achieve different visual styles.

Westbams solution is of course the proper way to do it but I’m not sure how confident you are as a nevvvvbie to play around with lightning directions in 3D scenes.