Masking a 3D model (as Cinema4D's boole)

Hi guys,

i import a 3d-model as xFile. Now i want to be able to mask the model in 3D space while changing my camera position.

My use case is that i want to make a tool for “scanning” objects. I added a little illustration for better understanding.

As i believe, i can neither do that with a nor with the nor with woei’s LumaMatte nor kalle’s TexCtrlFade.fx, right?


This was somewhere on the old website- could not find it there just now so I’m not sure who wrote it, but maybe it helps you…

GoochCutThrough(help).zip (3.7 kB)

Doesn t work on a Mac…

Maybe you need more ram

Maybe you need a pc

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I didn’t find this thread before;

Does exactly the same :-)

good thing that…