Markdown in text boxes

Hi dear devvvvs,

this is just an idea, a low level priority suggestion. It should really usefull if text boxes could render markdown.

  1. Markdown is natural and easy
  2. It does not break with existing help patches
  3. It is eye candy and people likes it, as the syntax as the result
  4. It could incentivate people to comment patches more

For sure there is some markdown parser in C# or whatever, it would be great if text boxes support markdown “out of the box” (mmh, I used twice the “box” word :).

For sure users will appreciate, first of all, people that don’t know markdown.

Consider it as a possible future feature (azz futu futu).



Sounds like it could make patches look better, which is always a good idea.

I prefer if we can enable it on this site.