Mapping with vvvv

Hello guys!
Trying mepping with 4v.
Trying to output to rezalyume but not supported video card.

Someone tell me whether it is possible to configure 4v polygons to the picture looks right?


What do you want to achieve? The text to be mapped on one side of the oculus box? or wrapped around? What you might want to have a look at are the transform and homography nodes.



or start reading here: projection mapping primer

And here’s just a little patch.

fastmapping.v4p (24.0 kB)

hi Alex or drehwurm!

Sorry, I misled you! )
Oculus nothing to do with.

I ask how to make a mask in VVVV to project onto a curved surface.

If the projector is installed at an angle, and the picture in the form traptsii, how to make it straight?

Example in resalume:

Still my patch should be sufficient for your task. I added a little function to finetune the edges. Try the following:

  • Enter your Beamers Setting into the projector node, and also change the values in the transform node, connected to the projector.

  • Adjust the yaw-values in the “General Position” Section

  • Finetune the edges.

fastmapping_v2.v4p (37.1 kB)