Mapping Texture on 3d model ( curve corner )

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I had a problem about projection on 3d model, such as following image:

I did with ’ Dxtexture feed into projection.fx on 3d model’ and a continuous image on the wall and the ground like above images.

could given some advice!!!

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You are using the wrong .fx, the proper node is Projector (EX9), you will also need to model your surface in 3D, or using Point Editor.

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Above images are not the " final out render(not the projector(node)) ", just from “camera(node)”, i already build a 3d model(using mesh not the surface) by blender, and i using “Projection.fx” inside of the “[how to project on 3d geometry(360deg]( projection setup)” to make my desire images(Dx9Texture) projection on the 3d model Mesh even concave surface.

My desire projection is red rectangular field and projection texture on concave surface of 3d model always distort i can’t fix it.

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mmmm ok post the patch…


thanks (74.2 kB)

Sorry I am out for 24 hours if you are in a a hurry post a screenshot of the patch.

It’s ok, i post my screenshot

thanks you

Not so easy to understand what you are trying to do (by the way you should really try to keep it a little be cleaner when you post patches in the forum so it is easier for the rest to help you). Anyway from what I can see you should first detach any texture and just send a simple shader to the projector node, then use a Fill node set to Wireframe to see the topology of your mesh and work your settings in the projector node so that you get a proper mapping of the real object.
The projection nodes you are using are not meant to be used in the basic mapping setup, you can use them to project a texture onto your mesh but they are not meant to be used as mapping tool, just as texturizing tools.

now I can see your patch, it looks much better when i can see the whole… anyway as I wrote you try first to map your mesh, it may be useful to subdivide vertically those side walls. Remember also to do the proper UV unwrap in blender so it is easier to send textures in your shaders.

I also see that this is a multi projector project and that you also have a floor.

About multi projection consider that you need to create (or spread) a projector node for each renderer

About the floor consider that if you need more than one projector to cover it, you either have to do some magic or rely on spatial-edge-blend-shader which I never used cause I relayed on some mesh trickery on a similar project.

See the attached patch as a starting point, if I ve understood that right you don t really need the projection node.


ProjectMesh_t1.v4p (93.2 kB)

Hi, io

Thanks your help, i’ll try that your suggestion and detach the patch.

thanks again