Mapping! Quad -> Box (ODE) help!

Hi everybody! I’m working on some mapping, trying to use some ODE stuff…

I’m mapping some squares on the wall, so I have the coordinates in 2D. Then I use HOMOGRAPHY to convert this coordinates in a Transformation for a Quad.
The quad mach perfectly the square on the wall.

then I convert the Transformation with Decompose node, and use the 3 vectors to modify a BOX. More or less the BOX is in the same place and with the same orientation, but there are no distorsion!

What I’m missing?


Ok, thanks! :D

But the problem is that not all the squares have the same prespective distorsion!
Try to formulate better my question: it is possible apply some distorsion at a BOX object? And it is possible to aplly this distorsion to a BOX(ODE) object?

yes, but why don’t you apply homo to viewport??

Because, in the real use I have many quad, so many homo. So I don’t know which homo apply to the viewport…

BTW, since I need this BOX just to make some collision with balls, I solved by putting a thin Box for each side of the quad:

not very elegant, but it works. BTW, I’m still looking for a better solution :D

well looks quite clean ;] specially if it works…
don’t have too much exp with box2d to say what can be done, but i think you have proper idea, might stallone part can be cleaned, but for your idea don’t know any better solution…

hi nic,

can’t see the stallone settings from the screenshot.
always good to attach the patch.

i can imagine that your patch can be improved by using SwapDim (Spreads).

just my 0.02€…

see also SwapDim (Spreads Advanced)