Mapping on 3D Geometry

Hello Friends,
I have a question about the planning of a 3D mapping project.
Our project is a video mapping on 3D surfaces in a white room. I guess it will be similar to this at the end:

I read vvvv page how to project on 3d geometry#projection on an arbitrary surface. I planned the mapping in this room according to the documentation on ’ projection on two sides of a house with one perspective’. To cover all surfaces I am gonna use 2 projectors from both sides of the scene and addtionally 1 projector from the top only for the ground.
we do not produce our visuals in vvvv, but in cinema 4d and after effects. What I am planning to do is to render the final videos from 3 perspectives, where the projectors stand in real life. Then I plan to make the finetunning of mapping in vvvv.
If I understand it correctly, the viewer’s perspective is very important in this installation. For a building, people watch the scene from a distance, but our viewers will be only 4m away from the projection area. So their perspectives will also include many sides of the room. Would it be not a problem or would they see some distorted images on some surfaces according to their points of view? Should I follow another way to achieve this?
Thank you very much,

Hello homig,

To answer your question in simple words, pay some close attention on the picture below… sites/default/files/imagecache/large/images/3dillusion.jpg
it really matters the point of view to give the illusion of 3d and shadow casting. Now if you eliminate the extrusion effect for VVVV text and picture it as only flat 2d text mapped on the 3d surface solves your problem. In this case though viewer walk around from any view will see the same result. However it totally depends on the content and concept you produce.

This is only my opinion, i am sure more comments will follow to guide you right direction. All the best!

urbankind is right, perspective 3d content wont work very good in your setup. but projecting 2d content on the surfaces will work without problems…