Mapping LAB _ Workshop at Mapping Festival

The Mapping Festival will take place in Geneva, Switzerland, from May 9th to 12th.

MAY 9th : Forum Paradigm_Shifts #2 + Opening Party
MAY 10th : Mapping LAB : WORKSHOPS
MAY 11th & 12th : Mapping LIVE

Join leading artists and designers for Mapping LAB, a full day of workshops curated and produced together with CreativeApplications.Net 1, and learn (more) about creative coding, machine learning, augmented reality, synthesizer making, interface prototyping, data visualisation and more.

Network Counter-Surveillance Boot-Camp / Julian Oliver (NZ) Capturing wireless traffic, device tracking, exploiting cellular networks – critical engineer Julian Oliver will provide a primer in network topologies, threat-modelling, and surveillance tactics, and introduce tools and techniques for self-protection.

TouchDesigner & Live Performance / Markus Heckmann (DE/CA)
TouchDesigner Technical Director Markus Heckmann will introduce the powerful visual development platform and present best practices for using it in live performance – from video mixing to generative 2D/3D to MIDI control to projection mapping.

Rethinking UIs for a Post-Screen Era / N O R M A L S (FR)
Welcome to the N O R M A L S-led Bureau for Anticipated Interfaces, where you will search for human-computer interactions beyond ‘click, type, tap.’ Using Processing and paper, participants will author both a spatial operating system and new digital rituals.

Visual Programming with Paper.js / Jürg Lehni (CH) Unpacking the anatomy of Bézier paths and vector geometry, artist and designer Jürg Lehni will teach participants how to use the Paper.js scripting framework to generate complex graphics and build dynamic drawing tools that can be used manually or procedurally.

Processing Oscilloscopes/ Ted Davis (US)
Using his recently released XYscope Processing library, media artist Ted Davis will share beginner-friendly creative coding strategies for audio/video synthesis by drawing vector graphics on an analog oscilloscope – a conversion of shape paths into sound.

Machine Learning for Artists / Gene Kogan (US)
Join machine learning authority Gene Kogan for a survey of the rapidly evolving deep generative model landscape. Learn about variational autoencoders and generative adversarial networks, key codebases and artist projects, and tinker with the pix2pix framework.

Data Visualisation for a Post-Truth World / Lisa Charlotte Rost, Stef Tervelde (DE/NL)
An editorial data vis whizz (Bloomberg, NPR, ZEIT Online, Tagesspiegel), Lisa Charlotte Rost will provide a comprehensive data visualization primer that juxtaposes tactics, techniques, and tools used in both the newsroom and data art. Learn how to read, visualize, and plot data!

Programmable Matter & Photoelasticity / Dana Zelig (IR)
Drawing on her research with programmable polymers and textiles, design researcher Dana Zelig will teach participants how to encode behaviours into everyday materials (e.g. plastic) through creative experimentation with photoelasticity.

Augmented Reality DIY / Raphaël de Courville, Stef Tervelde (FR/NL)
The magic of the virtual overlay: creative technologists Raphaël de Courville and Stef Tervelde will introduce mobile Augmented Reality, show how to develop for it using Unity and ARKit, and help participants build their own interactive mobile AR experience.

Draw (and Play) a Synthesizer / Coralie Gourguechon (FR)
Using conductive paint and paper electronics, designer Coralie Gourguechon will demonstrate how to create a variety of (lofi) musical interfaces by simply drawing them. This session includes introductions to electronic prototyping, 555 timers, and sound generation.

Browser History Matchmaking / Dries Depoorter (BE)
Join media artist Dries Depoorter for a fun group experiment in online dating, Google algorithm tweaking, and browser history analysis and learn about today’s web technology in the process. Will you find your perfect match at Mapping? P.S. Results may inform Depoorter’s next artwork.

Mapping, Mixing, Modulating Light and Video / Gaël Abegg Gauthey (CH)
Opening their toolbox of MadMapper, Modul8, and miniMAD, garageCube’s Gaël Abegg Gauthey will demonstrate how to manage, mix, map, and modulate light and video in real-time. Learn how to control LEDs and multi-computer set-ups in installations or on stage.

Hacking the Human Sensorium / Susanna Hertrich, Daniela Silvestrin (DE/CH)
Making the invisible visible: artist Susanna Hertrich and researcher Daniele Silvestrin will reveal the secret world of electromagnetic (EM) fields – and how easily our senses can be tricked. Using EM field detectors and hands-on experiments, participants will prototype sensorial hacks.


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