Mapping Festival 2014 - Workshops subscriptions



Mapping Festival, dedicated to audio-visual art and digital culture, celebrates this year its 10th edition from May 22 to June 1 2014.

After its success in 2013, we repeat the formula discerning professional workshops from events intended for the public. Articulated around various themes and technological explorations, conducted by international instructors who are specialists in their respective fields, the six workshops will be spread over the two weeks of the festival.

Informations and subscriptions on our website:

Deadline: April 7th 2014!

NY MAPPATHON (May 28 to 30)

Conducted by CHiKA (US) with collaborators Anton Marini (US), Tom Butterworth (UK) and David Lublin (US).
NY Mappathon, a workshop focused on learning projection mapping, aims to create a site specific installation through collaborative work.

MAPPING 2.0 (May 24 to 28)

Conducted by Mike Latona (BE).
Intended for video artists wishing to deepen their knowledge of actual mapping softwares, image creation and production of permanent installations.


Conducted by Laurent Novac (CH).
An exploration in the field of generative art and the use of physical principles for the generation of objects, both ‘implausible’ and ‘natural’.

3D LED FASHION (May 26 to 29)

Conducted by MadMapper creators Boris Edelstein (CH) & François Wunschel (FR).
This workshop will offer a full range of practical applications on LEDs and video mapping using MadMapper, a software from GarageCube and 1024 architecture.

STAGE DESIGN (May 25 to 28)

Conducted by Adrien Boulanger (FR), Pierre Turlotte (FR) & Rochel Mancip (FR).
How to set up a scenography in the Zoo Club (Geneva). Participants will go through all stages, designing, building and operating the scenography.

Module programming with Modul8 (May 22 to 24)

Conducted by Andy Teasdale (UK) & Gaël Lupin (FR).
For three days this workshop will offer a full range of tools for module programming using Modul8, a software from GarageCube.