Mapping coordinates to a deformed quad


I am new to (the amazing) vvvv and working on a little project I met a problem which could need some help from you guys :)

I want to map 2d-Coordinates (X and Y)on a distorted quad sitting somewhere in my final rendering window.Using the basic map-Node would always give me the coordinates mapped to a smaller, but undistorted quad.
The attched sketch explains the problem.
My so far apporaches did not work out well :)

Any Suggestions?
thank you guys…

( sketch explaining the issue )

Look at the Homography node’s help patch.

homography (transform 2d)

  • you might need an “Apply Transform”-node to apply the homography transform to your coordinates.


Homography did the Deal for me,
already without “applyTransform”.

little side-question, after checking out the applytransform-Nodes Help-Patch:
In which cases is this Node needed additionally to the basic transform-Node?

thx for the quick help@ you two.

if u want to apply transform to coordinates

diki modules#2dgriddistort transform grid

<dx9 warning .3>

Another example for the ApplyTransformm (Transform):

alright thanks again!
I guess I got it now :)