Mapping Bricks!

I’ve seen tis effect before where, and image of a wall is projected onto a wall, the projected image shows brocks coming out of the wall giving the effect that it is really happening! Im wanting to experiment with this and should have access to some space in a couple of weeks to try this out. ;-).

Ive attatched a rough patch, and heres a link to one of the walls in the space.
First of all, am i going about this the right way? and what is the best way to compensate from projector distortion?

Any help ot links would be much appreciated.

Brick Wall



BrickMapping.rar (112.7 kB)

hi digipic

i would say yes, that’s the right way: you build a virtual wall which you want to map brick by brick to the real wall.

measure a single brick, count the bricks and measure the wall in both directions. after building the wall and animating it you will want to project the virtual onto the real.

for that have a look at the projector module.
place the virual projector at the same coordinates where your real projector stands. connect it to a renderer like this is done in the help patch.

after adjusting all the parameters of the virtual projector everything should fit. note that you should be careful by mapping all relevant projector data from real to virtual. (like shift and fov)

at the end you might need to project just black and white since your real wall is already in the color of a wall…

hope that helps