Mapping and vvvv bibliography

I need to collect a few titles of virtual and paper bibliography about mapping and vvvv.

hi! I hope these counts as virtual bibliography:

I have also other stuff only partially made in vvvv, do you need?

Thank you but what I am after is more like publication (digital or paper) stuff.

are you looking for immersion as in CAVE environments or fulldomes?

@luper - Bad DJ, maybe your visuals saved the show ;)

I made the content in VVVV and a watchout system did the mapping, but it wast nesesary at all, i use it because it was there for others “not vvvv users”

check the last vid after min 6

mapping, not connected to vvvv:

Shader Lamps: Animating Real Objects with Projectors:

Naimark - Spatial Correspondence in Motion Picture Display:

Naimark - Displacements 1980-84 / 2005:

Oliver Bimber, Ramesh Raskar - Spatial Augmented Reality Merging Real and Virtual Worlds: or as ebook:

and of course: