Map text to the inside of circles? or Svg shape

HI Everyone,

My question is, I want people to be able to type a comment and once they submit it I want the comment to go inside a circle, or inside an svg shape that floats about in the screen.

anyone has any ideas at what nodes I should be looking it to achieve this?

THe idea is to have many circles each with a persons comment inside.


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I fear the reason you didn’t get any answers is that your question is rather large, without you telling us how far you already are, or where you got stuck, we can not really help you.

Cut down your project in little chunks, and work on 1 piece at a time. And solve 1 problem at a time, so ask 1 question at a time.

But text in circles…

Text In Spheres.v4p (11.4 kB)

Got it Westbam, I will ask more precise questions next time.

Thank you very much for the example it is very helpful.

hitting f1 on the text(ex9) node will provide you an example of handling letters individually