Map date in VL

i’m trying to do this.
Screen Shot 2022-10-05 at 5.26.29 PM
(i faked it)

the map does not understand my request.
so what i tried is to convert the date to a seconds timestamp with “FromDateTime”
(seconds since year 0 of gregorian calendar)
the seconds timestamp i can map fine, but then i can’t get it back to a date. is there a way?

This is one way to do it : MapDateTime.vl (16.9 KB)


I also like adding the ToString (Format) node to format the final datetime again. You can see all the shortcodes or construct your own using .NET date formatting Formatting Date and Time Values In .NET | CodeGuru

That way you can get the format OP is using (sortable).


this is great. i didn’t have the advanced node thing on. so i never saw any of those nodes. 🙄

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