Manipulating faces: Halo Blur

Hello, I’m new to vvvv and i’m trying with the Contribution: Manipulating faces to improve some skills with the Kinect.

Link: Manipulating Faces | vvvv

My problem is, that i can’t make a blurred Halo like in this picture (exept the colors)

This is how it looks like in the programm vvvv.
The Torus is a Geometry by the way.

I really hope someone can help me. Thank you!

PS. Sorry for my bad english.

because i can’t upload more pictures, here is the screenshot.

can you uplad the patch

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All Software I used are: vvvv beta 34.2 (64bit), addonpack 34.2 (64bit), dx11 nodes alpha
here the downloads:

Then i used the File manipulating faces, which has a File in it called: 03-Halo.v4p
This is also the File in the screenshot.

I hope, i understood your reply the right way.

meant the actual v4p file you were working on, not the addon pack and dx11 pack

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oh sorry, didn’t understand… here it is
JA_03-Halo.v4p (27.4 KB)

hello to all, i didn’t receive any help yet.
it would be very good, if someone could reply if it is even possible xD
it’s for the university and it should work until 10.01.2017…
it would be very nice, thanks to all replier

i’m afraid i think you’ll have to rephrase your question. it is not clear to me what a blurred torus has to do with the patch from the “manipulating faces” example.

if you simply want to apply a post effect (blur) onto a rendered image (torus) then click through those demos to learn more:

thank you joreg, for your answer.

this is exactly what i am trying to do, but combined with DX11.
in the tutorial, i have only EX9. How can i connect a DX11 Torus with a DX11 Blur-Effect?
I just can’t find the right solution. ^^ it’s so difficult to explain,what i am actually trying to do :/

where in DX9 you have to use a DX9Texture (EX9.Texture) node to turn the output of a renderer into a texture for further post processing, the Renderer (DX11) has an output called Texture Out which you can directly connect to a Blur (DX11.TextureFX).

Alternatively have a look at Renderer (DX11 TempTarget) that is similar only that it does not have a window…

Hey Joreg, That really helped, i ycould change it to a golden blurred halo…

now i’m trying to solve another problem: i’m trying to let appear the Background (video from Kinect) black & white and keep the Halo golden.

here is the patch JA_03-Halo b20.v4p (47.5 KB)

i hope you can help me also on this one =)

i’ll have to refer you to the same tutorials again:

please go through those and you should find your answer. or prepare a simpler that tries to solve only the mixing part. you don’t need anything kinect-related to get an answer to your texture-mixing question.

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