Mandelbulb glsl

I came across a glsl mandelbulb shader, that I started trying to get into vvvv, but I’ve encountered some problems, and really I’ve got some other things I should be doing, so in the meantime, thought I’d pop it here to see if anyone fancies having a crack…

For some info on what the hell a mandelbulb is
the glsl comes from

Sanch, where are you!

I think quite a few inputs could be replaced with world transforms etc, its from quartz composer and I don’t think you can pass matrices in very easily

cat ;) (23.7 kB)

Yes it would be great if someone could convert this to HLSL.

I just had a play with it in Quartz and it is stunning but sllloooowwwww (on my machine). Maybe it would be faster in v4? (wishful thinking)