Manage slices in gamma

Sorry,Perhaps this is an easy question.But I really need help.

I just want exchange numbers like this,in beta

And I don`t know how I can do it in gamma

I think I need more tutorial about how to manage slices in gamma.The way using some nodes (such as “sift” “select”)are different from beta.Is there any suggestion?

It takes some time to rethink from spreading back to loops, but it’s worth it ;)


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You can get rid of one of the loops:


Thanks a lot,but where can I find some explanation about Cache loop.@bjoern

The Cache region is not a loop, it’s only there for performance improvements. A Cache region only excutes if one of the inputs (border control points?) changes or you bang the Force pin on the left.
You can move the Repeat out of the Cache and it will work just the same.

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I solved this recently by using a dictionary with the Key being the original slice index, then get the values for the dictionary using the slice numbers in the order I needed them, it seem much faster than just using a loop (but I was getting all the values in a different order, so that might make a difference)

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for the very particular case you presented initially, also consider this:


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Thanks everyone:-)

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