Making the transition easier

I know I am late to the gamma game and I might by now be pretty alone as veteran beta user going gamma. I have bumped my head against the wall a few times and it seems that quite often it is because I know the node I would use for a certain situation in beta and type that into the node browser and nothing or the wrong thing shows up.
I am making this post to note the nodes that I think should be tagged so they will pop up when searching for them in gamma.
For now I don’t have that many entries, but I will add them as I bump into them or remember the ones that I can’t remember right now.

First is Cross from beta. where in gamma I should use GridSpread (2D).

good idea. and in general, we used tags wherever possible to attach old beta names to nodes that do the same or similar things, so when looking for a beta node, take the time and look thru the list of nodes that shows up.


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I should have gotten that one. I somehow missed it.

also for completenes: Introduction for vvvv beta users | vvvv gamma documentation

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