Making an interface

ive made an audio player/mixer for an internal school radio project, but am a little confused as to how to make an interface for it. id rather do it all inside vvvv as its going to go on 3 machines and i dont want to hve to install more than vvvv if possible.

can anyone point me in the right direction please?

i need buttons, sliders and if possible a file selction interface. it doesnt have to be pretty, just functional but id rather not just let them work in the patch window as its possible they could alter it by accident.


sanch has an interface module on his site sanch modules
and me too. woei.modules

all for usage within an Renderer (EX9)


thanks for your help, they seem to be what im after…the only problem is i dont have the vaguest clue how to use them. yours seem to offer everything i need but i cant comprehend how to attatch them to my patch or to get them to show in the renderer.

would it be possible to give me an example patch using the filestream module? (sorry to be cheeky)


this should help (12.1 kB)

you graficcard should allow PS 2.0
otherwise highlighting doesn’t work.