Making a ripple effect with quads and a linear spread?

Hi everyone! I have a linear spread with some buttons and when I click on the button I wanted it to have a “ripple effect” (eg. when you touch one of the quads the quads surrounding it will temporarily expand then the quads after that will expand and so on). I’m thinking GetSlice and Counter nodes could accomplish this but I’m not sure how they’d work exactly. I’ve poked around at some of the GirlPower patches but there’s quite a lot and I’m not sure where to start looking. If someone knows an example of what I’m trying to accomplish that’d be great.

PS: Yes!! I’m the person who made the other thread about wanting to do a fade effect. I wanted to include both in my patch! =)

Attractor (2d) might just be what you are looking for.

something like this?

ripple.v4p (21.3 kB)