MakePath Inconsistency and Nil-Handling

Hello @woei

MakePath resolves “C:” correctly, and shows same output for “C:”. There’s a difference though for Volume D, as shown in the screenshot. The node would resolve the path to the running vvvv instance’s folder. Thats’s probably because vvvv is running from Volume D (so probably it shows the same behaviour for C if vvvv is running from there), but it shouldn’t be that way nontheless.

On a second note, the node holds the last valid output if a pin is turning nil.
It should probably either handle it as an empty string or output nil.

well, definitely a weird behaviour. at least should be consistent no matter which drive letter…

Prepend Patch Path is only supposed to do anything, if the path is relative.

will check, also the nil issue. thx for report

should be fixed in upcoming alpha.

any nil input now leads to nil output.
and any volume path (rather than c:) is handled as rooted even without trailing slash

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