Make frames selectable like nodes

Right now you can’t move more than one frame at a time … this makes shifting big chunks of the patch to a different location a bit cumbersome, because the frames will always stay behind and have to be moved separately if there’s more than just one frame involved.

Also, to move a single frame along with the selection of nodes, you have to use the frame’s handle … so moving the frame moves all selected nodes along with it - but not the other way around (when using the nodes as handle)

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yes please.

it’s been mentioned before, but here it goes again:
can you make frames behave like regions? as if it’s just a nested codeblock, much like you could do with { } in c#?

Also let some padding in the frame as it is for regions, now if you surround a group of nodes with a frame there is no padding nor space for the title.

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