"magnetic" geometries

Dear community.

i am trying to figure out, how to give objects (geometries) the ability to attract-repell each other, without Crossing od their surface.
it´s like the quad becoming an attractor after it got spreaded.

imagine magnetic balls, should be like that.

thank you and all the best

You may want to have a look inside Parasitic Design - a beginners vvvv-cookbook to find what you’re looking for.

attractor but it works only with circles
also box2d in that case sounds more attractive or bullet for 3d

Use a 3d physics library to avoid collisions and attractor stuff to calculate new forces or velocities for all objects. Best way to go if you need arbitrary geometry, and the libraries usually have optimized paths for spheres and boxes, so should also be the easiest and possibly fastest way to go for simple geometry.

vvvv comes with 2D physics called box2d, type box2d in node browser and check the help files. or check this playground made by tgd

if you want to go 3D, there is bullet physics coming with the addon pack. check vvvv_45alpha29.3_x86\addonpack\girlpower\BulletPhysics for some helpfiles.