I was thinking perhaps there is an DirectX OpenGL wrapper that would do the job?? That way vvvv wouldnt have to be re-written and other renderer’s could be used?

@ampop: whens the due date for the splashscreen contest?

Edit: I found a DXGL here which supports direct x 8, on the forum they say its discontinued and to use the Wine DirectX Implementation, which has patches for supporting directX 9, no shaders yet but it might be something worth looking at?

[](DirectX Wine)

benchmarking would indeed be nice. Last Time I suggested it it didn’t really catch on, though: needed:Benchmark

I used vvvv on my macbook pro a couple of times. It indeed gets hot but not hotter than running an OSX-application that needs a lot of performance. I tried a superformula patch of sanch and according to “le maître” himself the macbook is performing good on this one.
Apple now officially acknowledges the famous “macbook pro whining” and replaces the logic boards of affected machines. Hopefully this solves the heat-issue too.

someone made some more experiences? some driver or OS problems? else i’m looking forward buying a macbook pro :)

I’m patching around on a Mac for some days now, and it seems to be quite stable. I found just one disadvantage know, I’ve not thought of. The Mac seems not to be able to select stereo or monomix in the audiorecordselector, also in the Windows settings there’s no possibility to choose this.

Has anyone tried using - apparently it has DX support, so it’d be interesting to see if vvvv plays nicely with it. I don’t yet have an Intel Mac to test on, and I’d dearly love to get vvvv working on mac :)

would be very interesting to test this out. from the screenshots i see they have DirectX 8.1 running. this may not be enough for the latest version, but you could try using older vvvv releases.

apparently there seem to be people who were able to run Delphi on Macs and under Linux (of course still generating only windows code)

Any updates? Are macs still a no go?

EDIT: Next version of Parallels: “support for OpenGL and DirectX. You’ll be able to run games at full speed without leaving your OS X desktop!”


I’m actually patching most of my stuff on a MacBook, it’s running Windows via BootCamp, no emulation involved - since I don’t need to run vvvv and work in MacOSX simultaneously, or to be honest, run MacOSX at all, I kind of evade the problem here ;) … So far there have been no crashes that could be attributed to the combination of hardware and operating system, and the machine is not getting any hotter than usual (which is rather hot, but still not hurting people). The audio driver for Windows is of almost unusable quality, but the gpu performs surprisingly well.

ahja, one big disadvantage when running XP under bootcamp (beta 1.3): vga and svideo/cinch adapters don’t work properly yet.
not cool!