Macbook Pro Problem to start VVVV

Hello there…

I am very new to the vvvv world and also quite new in the visual world but am trying to get better each day…

I installed vvvv on my macbook pro using Parallel Desktop 6. vvvv is not opening all i see is a grey box which i confirmed it is not a patch box, i think it is just an info box


can anyone please help me find out what the problem is


First of all make sure you followed all installation-steps detailed on the downloads page. If you are still having trouble take a look at the troubleshooting hints.

Your problem might not be related to parallels, but even if you get vvvv to run on it or any other virtual machine you won´t have much fun in the long run. You are better off with bootcamp/dualboot.

The best option for sure is to bootcamp your computer