MAC (Network) only working with local adapters

Just saw a post that someone made a MC node for QC so I wanted to see if vvvv had one.

There is one but as far as I can tell it only works with local adapters, even though there is an IP input, that I interpret as I should be able to get the MAC associated with that IP.

And even though I have two H/W network adapters in my machine, I only get one Mac address.

system is win7, 64bit, same with beta25.1, beta26 and beta27


ai sune, can you check if Remoters MAC discovery works for you? it could probably easily be extracted into a plugin…

hmm, I might have been to fast.

I have tried various settings in the firewall, but the other day remoter nicely found the mac addresses, but now it doesn’t.

weird, so perhaps it works… I need to test it out on another network.

that said, RemoterSA would be awesome to have as a plugin!