Mac/Ableton to PC/vvvv

Here comes a little tricky one. How to get Ableton Live, running on a Mac, talking to vvvv, running on (of course) a windows PC.

One solution, but way expensive, is using “MIDIoverLAN CP”. Used the demo once and it worked, but was kind of uncomfortable (complicated config, which note/octave is which …).

Another way would be MidiInterfaces and a Midi/XLR connection. Again expensive - especially as M-Audio have such a bad driver support =(
But maybe a bit easier to setup, transfer can be done on larger distances (10-100m) and quite reliable?!

Any other ideas?

on ableton with windows OSCGlue would be a straightforward solution…

on the other hand Max For Live is surely capable of sending OSC, raw TCP, UDP or whatever you need in a LAN to a vvvv equipped pc…

Ah yeah, right, Max for Live. Sounds like a good solution. Software side “cabeling” would be completely in our hands …
(Nevertheless it costs extra money)