Hey guys,
I’ve a problem with the lumax node(which needs the lumax.dll in the \bin dir): In the older versions, the bin dir was simply located in the program-folder, since I updated my 3 year old :D version (beta23) i’m unable to find that folder, so the node doesn’t work :/

Hope you can help me,
kind regards
cheers, x4pro

hey x4,

please note that since b30.2 lumax.dll is shipping with vvvv, as you can see in:

so no more need to copy it somewhere manually. also note that it will only work in x86 builds since there is no x64 version of the lumax.dll available.

Hi joreg,

Thanks for your really fast help!!!

…I now downloaded the x86 version and: Dadaaaaaaa!, it’s working perfectly!!

So, thanks for your aid, bye