LPT port

I’m having trouble trying to make VVVV working with LPT port. So far I’ve read some documentation about LPT port and about RS232. To be honest, I’m quite confused and bit braindead trying to get LPT port input to work on my patch.

I did try messing around with some nodes this afternoon and got got parallel box switch lit up. Then I try changing valuesbaffle me. to get respond from the box switch to lit differently. Where it doesn’t respond. I already downloaded and put io.dll in correct directory.

I already tried to put port adress in decimal in port node. Seeing how many threads here works with serial, wondering if anyone has work with parallel/LPT as input?

the parallel port is not really supported in a way which is as simple as it could be. So you need to work with the Port node. I never tried it personally, but it should work. Did make use of http://www.lvr.com/jansfaq.htm and http://www.lvr.com/parport.htm? is the parallel port enabled in the right mode in the bios?

Thanks for the reply oschatz.

I did check the LPT port in bios it was enabled (Bi-directional). Now I’m able to send value to parallel box. The led lights switch on according to the value number I put in port node.

My friends has made touch sensor circuit composing of 8 input for the port (I know parallel doesn’t have that much input pin, but it’s worth a shot). So what I’m trying to make in my patch for the value of those input pin to show up in the port node output. So far the only way I get to show the output value is to put in input value.

and have a look at this introduction to the parallel port, maybe this helps: http://www.beyondlogic.org/spp/parallel.htm

the section on “Bidirectional Ports” in michels link above should give some hints…

Thanks for the tip!

My tutor also helped pointed out something. Here is the patch that I made.