Low render quality after transfer to texture

Picture quality is lost after transfer image to texture. Text looks very blurry. And not only text, also images. What settings should be?

Yes, well, some things, if you don’t set your render size, your texture will be the size of your little renderer (backbuffer width/height).

Also the Pins on the DX9 texure node have some (hidden!!) pins for width and height scale, but I think the default is ok.

And check this tut:

bonus-tutorial-the-clock-3-add-shadows (for you it starts at the 4 minute mark)

Good day, Westbam! i changed the settings of buffer width and height, but stairs effect is not lost. Antialising quality and text quality not helps…

Here is my patch:

text_quality.v4p (8.4 kB)

hello funkypanky.

the text node creates kind of a texture as well. by changing the textnodes size pin (default is 150 px) you can increase its resolution…

for better text rendering see pixel-perfect-text-(ex9)

It kind of helped, but there is still a limit of texture size.
Minimum value of text size is 150 px and a maximum is 1000 px. Greater importance is not placed. Ladder effect is still visible if you increase the size of the text. Can these characteristics depend on the capacity of the computer?

xd_nitro, Thanks! i will try this way.

well, this text node internally allways render to a texture. size is the height of one character. so with a height of 1000 per character, you will generate a fairly huge texture with just some characters in your text.

so depending on your goal, “text (ex9.layer)” is maybe not the right thing.¨

there are other ways to generate text, like “Text (SVG)”, "Text.EX9 Geometry), or the html nodes…

with those ones its possible to zoom in closely whithout seing any pixels.

really depends on your specific problem, which one to use…