Low money project searching VideoProjector around 4000 lumens

everything is in the title. Usually i m using Sanyo’s.

There i m quite stuck for budget reason and technical aspect:

need a lens around 1.3 or 1.4 until factor 2
a strong luminosity ( video projector will surely be far of the stage)
a good price under 2000 euros TTC
diffusion may be 1440*900 or HDMI

any advice ?

we bought 6 Vivitek projectors during last 2 years for different theater and dance projects
the exact type was TX930 with 0.65 fixed lens which is a charm for ground projections(3000 Lumens)
this type is out of production but their brightness still beats most 5k and 6k projectors, and it costs 1100 euros
so if you want cheap and bright maybe you find something here: http://www.vivitek.co.uk/index.asp

Well not quite in your specs, but I’ve been using some Mitsubishi xd600u 1.5-2.1 lens 4500lumen 1024x768 dlp in the uk less than £900
They’re very good for the money…

I got an Optoma ex762 it s got 4000 lumens XGA and hdmi/vga connection, it s a good afairly cheap machine, got mine for under 800 euros.