Lottie Playback not working correctly

we are using Lottie animations in a project, but just realized that the playback is buggy.
If you compare these files played back in the gamma help patch and with this playback website we see the following problems:

The file “FahrFlughafen” does not loop. Only when I set the loop to -1.x instead of -1.
Even then it loops incorrectly. Also the diplayed Duration is wrong.

The file “Truppenbewgung” also outputs an incorrect length and loops incorrectly.

Also when changing the file input, things are even more messed up and sometimes the animations don’t play at all.

And lastly the animations look choppy and not as smooth as they should.

Lottie_Animations.zip (19.9 KB)

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@gregsn :)

fixed for 4.12 previews. thanks


Works as expected now. ♥

Hi, reopening this, because I have noticed another issue.
As I mentioned in the first post, the animations don’t seem as smooth as in the web player.
Now looking at it again, I think there is not or not the correct interpolation happening in between keyframes.

Hi @mburk,

would you please test the LottiePlayer again with 4.12-1372?
I’ve checked it with your animations, looks good.
We’ve also added LottiePlayer (FrameBased) to have it complete.



Looks great now. I think it’s smoother than before and now being played back as expected.

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