Lost in vvvv sdk

Hi vvvv team,

I want to control this device to get the data from an industrial encoder.
http://www.3cconcept.fr/fr/produits-usb/6-module-usb-8e6scodeur-incremental.html (sorry it’s in french :) )

I installed vvvv sdk on my computer, and I have a sample C# project and a dll provided by the manufacturer, but I dont know how to convert that into a nice node :) (And I dont even know how to use the sample of the manufacturer …)

I also have a documentation, which indicate the functions used to communicate to the device.

If someone could explain me the steps to do this it would be really nice and I would enjoy to be able to write my own pluggins!

Thanks by advance,

PS: I attached the documentation and demo csproject if it can help.

Demo_Microsoft_Visual_C#_2010_Express.zip (1.1 MB)

your provided link to the project file doesn’t work…

Hi Elias, sorry for the file, I try again :

16IODevice (1.1 MB)

This is the answer for curious beginers,

Following Elias advices, above is the method to start with vvvv sdk and create your own node !

But as Tebjan suggest me, if you dont want to get into vvvv sdk, dont forget to use dynamic plugin (code editor embed in v4)

1 - Install vvvv sdk following the tutorial on the web site
2 - Open MyPlugins.sln
3 - Right click the “solution MyPlugins” on the topleft of the IDE --> Add --> New Project
4 - left click “C#” folder in the window displayed, select “Class Library” Give a name to you project and press Create
5 - The project appear in the IDE. Right click on “References” folder of the project and press “Add reference”
6 - In the Add reference windows displayed, click “Project” tab, select “PluginInterface” and press ok
7 - Add “Utils” as reference with the same method.
8 - Then as you just did for your new project, in “MyPlugins” project, add your new project as reference.
9 - Restart the IDE.
10 - Open MyPlugins.sln
11 - Press F5 (compile)
12 - The solution should now compile, and you should see your dll in the addonpack/lib/nodes/plugins folder
13 - In the IDE above your project you should see MyClass.cs, in that file copy and paste the code from a vvvv template (open v4, create a node call template - value, string, as you want, then right click on it and the code appear), In the PluginInfo… section, change the name as you want.
15 - Add System.ComponentModel.Codeplex.dll as reference to you project, you will find it in addonpack/src/thirdparty/
16 - close v4 and Press F5
17 - Once your project is compile you can open vvvv again and you if you enter the name you just choose you will find your node !

Hope you will spend less hours than me !

instead of creating a new project and adding references you can just clone a template and copy the project created by vvvv into the addonpack and add it to MyPlugins.sln. that saves steps 3 to 15… ;)

Humm… what to say … good to know that there is much simplest way ! But anyway I learned some stuff doing that… :)