Lost in Rotation! (I hate Rubik)

Hi Guys! Seems I never understand the rotation in VVVV!!
I’m trying to make a Rubik cube, each elements is numbered from 0 to 26

in order to make the left face rotate around X axe, I must rotate of 0.25 the elements: 24,15,6,21,12,3,18,9,0

The same with other faces, always rotating only x or y or z

Now, what if I wanna make rotation X and then Y? Once I did the X rotation, I have different elements on upper face… This time I must rotate the elements: 6,25,26,3,16,17,0,7,8. It works!!!

So, with the same idea, if I wanna rotate X and then Z, I must use the elements: 0,7,8,9,4,5,18,1,2.

FAIL!!! Why? Here you got the patch

Rubik.rar (733.9 kB)

Don’t know but it’s awesome.
Are you controlling that with some hardware?

hehe no It’s for videomapping over a cubic Dj’s Booth.

I did it again, 2x2, hope it’s easier to play with

here’s the patch

Rubik 2x2.rar (37.5 kB)

well, i made it work like normal rubic, but textures keep changing, but you can finish it for perfection .) if you use textures that dont depend on rotation it should be ok

buggy thing is moment when it samples positions of cubes, but it can be easily adjust to separate animation from math and it will work with any kind of rough usage

fin (739.3 kB)

hey! thank you, I’ll try to understand what you did here, look interesting XD

in the meanwhile I was trying to use a Progressive Rotation instead of this, but I still have some problem, and I have the feeling you already solved this new problem while solving this! can you please have a look here: https://discourse.vvvv.org/ ?

i dont know about that new problem, i just told VVVV which cubes are where, and adjust their positions after every rotatation, so next rotation will work from 0