Lost in Nodelist

Hi guys! I need some help in including nodes in my project. I have a complex project, and I wanna a directory with some sub-patches that I’m using in different nodes. I put a NodeList (VVVV) :

Now, if some node got sub-patches in that directory (“C:\Users\nic\Desktop\Project\Library”), it works

But I cannot create directly in my patch a node present in that directory!

As example “MegaSpline” is in the same directory of the _Main_Player (C:\Users\nic\Desktop\Project\Player Tool) and it have a sub-patch in the “C:\Users\nic\Desktop\Project\Library” .
I can create the node MegaSpline, and it works, but I cannot create the subpatch, why?

no one? something wrong in my question?

You may have to name your modules according to the “module-naming-convention”:
ModuleName (Category Version), e.g. MegaSpline (3D Advanced)

Doesn’t working! :(

use drag 'n drop

Sure I solved coping and pasting… I’d just like to know if there is a way to include local directory of patches