Lost boygrouping

Hi folks,I 've recently reinstalled all my pc (it’s a client), and the boygrouping doesn’t work anmore, despite I wrote a valid Args file and my network works well. I don’t even have the mention “Client!” in my task bar.

Someone got a clue?

if you don’t have that mention your Args.txt is not correct (or maybe cannot be found)

I checked it many times and everything is correct (even the case). How can the Args cannot be found? And how can I change that?

did you run vvvv at least once with administrator privileges? vvvv has a simple autoinstaller: if you start vvvv it checks if all registry settings are properly set - if not, it just does so. for that vvvv needs admin privileges at least once.
perhaps something is failing silently.

do the ping or udp nodes work between the machines?

and make sure the file is called args.txt (case does not matter) and is placed just beside vvvv.exe

maybe your explorer hides extensions for known filetypes and the file is actually named args.txt.txt

Powerful! It works!
Thanx a lot bwaiz!

would you let us know what the problem was in the end?

Of course, as you said I forgot to run vvvv as administrator first…