Loosing Skia resolution when rendering in stride after scene

hi all,

I render a skia texture with a quadrenderer “after scene”, and I get interpolation artifacts on text. I already set skia paint filter quality on text to high. rendering the skia texture with double the resolution of my actual stride renderer improves quality.




I recorded these gifs from the unscaled stride renderer. some errors are probably related to pixel perfect and clear type rendering, but it looks like I somehow even loose resolution from my skia scene when rendering 1:1. any ideas why?

can I somehow set better filtering quality on the quadrenderer?

Try setting the Sampler of the Quadrenderer to Point.

ah, seems I missed the “SamplerIn” node for TextureFX.



those glyph jumps are caused by very low animation values from an oscillator. I guess a bigger texture can render the animation more detailed, and downsampling then makes it smoother…

any ideas how to minimize this?

you might want to cut-off your ease out filter curve to get rid of the last jump at the end while the button already seems in place. i guess your animation is still heading towards 0 in some decimal places which are not visible on the scaling animore but do still have an minmal effect on rasterization/uvs/filtering.

sometimes subpixel offsets of the positioning can help. like moving by 1/2 or 1/4 pixel to shift the filtering.
or even quantizing the button scale & position to match actual output pixel amounts without fractions.

Not sure but maybe the jumping letters are (also) caused by hinting?
IIRC it is possible to set the hinting level, you could play around with different values to see if it makes any difference.

Also since it looks like you are drawing your SkiaTexture in fullscreen anyways why not use the SkiaRenderer instead?