Looping live video input?

So I’d like to setup a patch where I’m able to ‘sample’ and loop bits of a live video input from a webcam, with control over the speed of the playback once it’s looped…

…but I can’t figure out HOW to do this in vvvv!!

Can anybody point me in the right direction?


Queue(texture) node is one way, I’ve also used syzygy’s video sampler freeframe fx, and I think bugfug made one too…

some pros & cons
freeframe dll => computer ram
Queue(texture) node => GC video ram (faster?)
with Queue(texture):
patch a counter output to the getslice (node) index pin
and feed it with your Queue(texture),
for the speed control it’s a bit tricky for lower speed
since the standard playback speed is set by the counter “fullspeed”(up pin set to 1)
you’ll have to play with the increment value (only integer values!!!) so to double the speed : set increment pin to 2
but for a progressive acceleration / deceleration
or lower speed you’ll have to cheat…
i’ve tried to replace the counter with an LFO but without success…

if you need synchronisation between audio and video Queue(texture)allow you to re sync/re trig
your buffer regarding a midi clock
you can also play reverse, add video layers (overdub like), divide, multiply the Queue lenght…etc…

maybe you like this…

TimeScratch (EX9.Texture).zip (51.3 kB)